Let the Girl Take a Backseat (I Want a New Guitar)

I remember my birthday when I turned thirteen
Sports Illustrated was the best on the scene
Not for baseball, basketball, football neither
But the swimsuit edition came out once a year
Daddy gave me a choice, “Son, you know what I mean”
I said, “Daddy, I’d rather get a guitar magazine”

Daddy, I’ll be alright
Mama, I’ll be okay
You told me, “Be who you are”
So let the girls take a back seat
I want a new guitar

Well, it was eighth grade, tenth grade, twelfth grade soon
I hadn’t kissed a girl, but I could croon a tune
I learned Peter Gunn and Johnny B. Goode
Till I could play the guitar like a grown man should
Now and then a centerfold caught my eye
A Fender Telecaster or a Martin, oh my

Graduation came and I’d come so far
I could pick a new computer or a new guitar
Daddy gave me a choice before I went to college
They can teach you the facts, but they can’t teach you knowledge, yeah

Well, I didn’t have a license ‘cause I didn’t learn to drive
Playing my guitar was my intention to survive
But I had a girl, and she loved my deal
We sat in the back while my Daddy took the wheel
Sixty miles to the guitar store
I gave my girl my hand and I held the door

See, I could be romantic, I could be refined
We went inside, something changed my mind
I played a Martin HD-28
I fell in love, and my girlfriend could not relate
So I sat in the front with my Dad and my guitar
Going home, you got to know where your priorities are

Daddy, I’ll be alright
Mama, I’ll be okay
You told me, “Be who you are”
So let the girl take a back seat
I got a new guitar