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Hi there. Want to hear some new original music?

Thanks for visiting drewwillsonmusic.com, a website designed to connect you with the songs and stories of of singer/songwriter Drew Willson.

We’re excited for you to get involved in the making of this fresh independent music. Please click the “Follow” button so you can stay in touch with all that’s happening around here.

Here’s a treat: listen to the title track from the new album Inviting Storms to Town.

What is Inviting Storms to Town, and when is it coming out?

Inviting Storms to Town is a self-produced music album of all original material by Drew Willson, and it will be released on or about June 7.

Inviting Storms to Town cover

Artwork by Xavier Jones

For those supportive folks who preordered the album via Indiegogo:

  • If you preordered the digital download perk, you will receive a download code via the email address you supplied
  • If you preordered the CD, you will receive the digital download code via email and the CD in the post mail – along with any other perks you may have paid for. It may take a few days more, but the perks (including Xavier Jones’ album art) will be worth it.

If you missed preordering the album, don’t fret. On and after the release date:

  • You can download the digital music on Amazon.com
  • You can order the physical CD on CDbaby.com
  • You can attend an upcoming show and purchase the album in person
  • You can purchase the album directly from Drew if you’re going to see him soon. (He’ll be trying to offload these things as often as possible. Beware.)

Please send any queries to us through our Contact form. Thanks!


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