Inviting Storms at home, on the road

At home

Hi folks, have you wrapped your ears around Inviting Storms to Town yet? You can download the album here on Amazon and order the CD here on CDBaby.

We’re still getting albums and perks in the mail to the preorder crowdfunders from the Indiegogo campaign. Thanks for your patience — Drew and his family moved to Richmond, VA just last week, and moving boxes took precedence over mailing boxes for a time.

In the meantime, do us a favor and share the name of your favorite track from Inviting Storms to Town on the NPR website for All Songs Considered. This could be a great way to help spread our new music!

On the road

We’re excited to announce two upcoming concerts in Illinois and Northern Virginia later this summer! Check out shows for more information, and email us if you have questions about them.


Selling merchandise (and missing meetings) at Virginia Annual Conference – June 18, 2016


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